LARA Magazine is a comic book style storytelling with live actors instead of cartoons, but the concept is the same; enjoying the flow of a good story with intriguing characters and visual artistry from start to finish. This Photainment (Photo Entertainment), also known as Photo-Romance is forging an unexplored path down the long road of the entertainment industry. This new style of magazine enjoys a stand-alone status in the United States because of its unique quality of being a cross between popular entertainment genres (film, TV, fashion, novels). Each issue of LARA Magazine has the ability to capture the reader’s attention with great romance stories told with stunning visual images – the same way a movie would. This magazine is also a platform that sets fashion trends and showcases the hottest accessories worn by our actors in various scenes – the way a fashion magazine would. In short, LARA Magazine’s mission is clear… entertain our loyal readers, plain and simple! By offering them the ability to escape into a fictitious world filled with beauty, love and romance, whenever, wherever, we rest assured that our mission has been accomplished masterfully. Each month, new stories with news characters searching and finding love and romance will be available for your enjoyment only at www.laramagazineonline.comBe Fantabulous! Stay Laralicious! Read LARA Magazine!


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